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Purpose In Life

Dr. Parker knew early in life that she was intended to be a healer in mental health and her work reflects that creative approach to treatment.

"My life's purpose has been to walk the path of the Healer. What is the path of a Healer? The path of the Healer is manifold and apparent in many of my patient's dreams as they project onto me their needs. In some of their dreams, I am embodied in the form of the one who cleans the toilets. Sometimes I am the on with the flashlight on a treacherous mountain trail, the one with a candle in the dark reaches of a cavern, the driving instructor in a car driven by the dreamer, the 'nag' in the back seat providing navigational instructions, the wise owl sitting in the tree and making astute comments. I shape shift in dreams to meet the needs of the dream in service off the psyche. No job and no role is too low for me. I am the invisible worker that is the cement between the bricks providing the solid structure for emotional support and stability. am the leavening in the bread so that life is palatable and worth living. I am the muse for the artist to continue to create and share their gifts. I am the gardener tending the flowers, the shepherdess tending her flock, the teacher enlightening her students, the angel on the shoulder offering advice. Yes, they are all me. This is the path of the healer.

It is my honor to serve and walk the path of the healer when just the right words will heal, when the perfectly timed intervention will aid insight and growth, when acceptance from me will help another become less judgmental and attain self-acceptance. Maybe a little like the song, 'I am the wind beneath your feet,' and I am content to be just that. To nurture the soul, to enliven the spirit, to enrich the life — that is the Path of the Healer."

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