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My Statement

Dr. Parker is  a wholistic therapist who treats mind and body. Wholistic therapy means mind and body are one. To treat one is to affect the other.

Dr. Parker is  a Therapist who believes that healing enriches the Life, nurtures the Soul, enlivens the Spirit.

When we heal the past, we create the future from the creative position of NOW. Deep change occurs from the internal to the external. We change the Internal Life and Understanding to Manifest a better External Life.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy teaches enhanced profound attention with purpose in order to be more effective / more successful / more creative.

This treatment includes Practical Steps for Emotional Health / Better coping Skills / Increased tolerance of Distress / Steps for Emotional Regulation with or without medication.

We provide Mindfulness Training for MindFitness where Body and Mind are One. This involves group work: 2 1/4 hours per week with homework for eight weeks.

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