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A Therapists Porfolio

Most professional have a portfolio of their work but for those in the healing professions, our portfolios are invisible. We can talk about the symptoms and psychiatric diagnoses of those we have treated, but not the actual individuals. Yet therapists treat individuals. Due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot reveal the numerous people we have helped over the years with details of their lives regenerated by healing work. So the following anonymous list of a range of people and their problems are presented to give a glimpse of a therapist's portfolio.

1. Marriage with unfaithful husband and wife  mending their relationship
2. Therapeutic visitation with kids and father following estrangment from divorce
3. Hypnotherapy for teen with anxiety disorder to help with SAT and ACT testing
4. Treatment for young adult with ruptured relationship with mother.
5. Divorce counseling of young couple with two children
6. Therapy for clinically depressed adult female with two kids.
7. Therapy for woman in recovery for alcoholism
8. Therapy for husband divorcing wife who was Borderline Disorder
9. Counseling for parents to deal with child's temper tantrums
10.Therapy for professional taking on a new and difficult career change

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